Thathri: Of Realising Self [2000]

It is a contemporary evaluation or a presentation of a real life event that occurred at the beginning of the last century. It involved constructing a body-based performance on newspaper reports, stories, poems, novels and films related to this event. The play is based on one of the last known cases of Smartvicharam (trial according to Smruti), a dark custom to control women’s sexuality and punish the errants. Thathri, the protagonist, skillfully subvert the tradition to teach the patriarchal authority a lesson.

Direction: J. Shailaja
Sets/Costumes/Design: Jyoti Basu, C.S. Deepan
Music Design: Chandran
Light Design: Sreekant, Jyotish
Script: Ramachandran Shelke
Cast: KanhaiyaLal Kaithwas, Shamimme Shaikh