Cinema Theatres in Bombay/Mumbai: A DOSSIER       

Ed. Paroma Sadhana, Design Afrah Shafiq. Majlis & UDRI Publication, 2014dossier cover

Documenting one hundred years of cinema theatres in the city as a graph of public culture and urban development. The publication is meant to be a resource for initiating campaign to protect certain single screen theatres.

ISBN 978-93-81444-07-8




Project Cinema City         

Foreword by Arjun Appadurai, Eds. Madhusree Dutta, Kaushik Bhaumik and Rohan Shivkumar; Design Sherna Dastur, Tulika Books, 2013

pccThe book is imagined as a multi-disciplinary engagement with the making of cinema in a city and the imaging of the city in its cinema. It enquires into various social, cultural and historical forms and tendencies from diverse sources that come together in a metropolis to create a compound phenomenon such as cinema. The form of the texts range from critical essays to cartography to memoirs to art works to found images.

ISBN 978-93-82381-22-8


Negotiating Spaces: Legal Domains, Gender Concerns, and Community Constructs

Eds. Flavia Agnes, Shoba Venkatesh Ghosh
Oxford University Press, 2012

Negotiating SpacesIn the Indian setting, the domains of the formal State law  and community based non-State law are not mutually exclusive. Though apparently in conflict, the statutory laws coexist alongside the pluralistic community practices which are fluid, ridden with internal contradictions but also accessible.  The papers in this volume attempt to explore the ways  in which women  negotiate for their rights between the complex realm of State / non-State legal fora.

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ISBN 0-19-807663-0


dates.sites: Project Cinema city Bombay / Mumbai

Concept and Text: Madhusree Dutta, Design: Shilpa Gupta and Madhusree Dutta
Tulika Books, 2012

The book presedates.sitesnts, both in texts and graphics, a timeline of the city of Bombay / Mumbai in the 20th century, anchored to its most adored public institution: cinema.


ISBN 978-81-89487-99-7





Family Law Vol 1: Family Law & Constitutional Claims
Family Law Vol 2: Marriage, Divorce & Matrimonial Litigation

Flavia Agnesfamlaw
Oxford University Press, Delhi, 2010
Family law in India has a complex legal structure where different religious communities are guided by their personal laws, each of which historically evolved under various social, religious, political, and legal influences. The publication examines family law in the light of lived realities, contemporary rights discourse, and the notion of justice within the framework of state mandate on citizenry. The ground level litigation practices around women’s rights are interwoven with the critical analysis of the statutory provisions.

Vol 1: ISBN 0-19-806790-9

Vol 2: ISBN 0-19-807220-1


Sites and Practices: an Exercise in Cultural Pedagogy

sitepractEds. Madhusree Dutta and Smriti Nevatia
Majlis Publication, 2006
The book is a selected compilation of lectures delivered by resource people from different disciplines during the annual Cultural Appraisal Course for undergraduate students conducted by Majlis in 1996-2001. The course was conceived as a methodology to engage with multi-culturalism through a formal approach of interfaces between disciplines of social sciences, arts and humanities, and between discourses and practices.

 Ways of Seeing: Cinema,
Visual Art and Architecture, 1996
Modes of Perception in the Performing Arts, 1997                
Tales, sites and Memory: Reading History Through Living Culture, 1998
Literature and Literary Practices 1999
Science as a Site of Culture, 2001

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One Hundred Years One Hundred Voices: the Millworkers of Girangaon, an oral history

Neera Adarkar and Meena Menonmillworkers
Seagull Books, Kolkata, 2004
Katha Mumbaicha Girangaonchi: Girni Kamgarancha Moukhik Etihas
Mouj Prakashan Griha, 2007
The book comprises a hundred testimonies by the inhabitants of the textile mills precinct of Bombay, popularly called Girangaon (village of textile mills). Covering a dense network of textile mills, public housing estates, bazaars and public amenity centres, this area covers about a thousand acres in the heart of India’s commercial and financial capital. As the area metamorphoses into a high end neighbourhood with corporate offices and shopping malls coming up in the premises of closed/demolished mill compounds the working class inhabitants are not only being pushed out of the area but their political and cultural history too are being erased. This book is an attempt to collate that history.
Received Maharashtra Foundation Award, Nominated for Crossword Book award.

ISBN 81-7046-212-6


Of Lofty Claims and Muffled Voices: A Perspective of the Gujarat Carnage

lofty claims The book is a collection of first person narratives by the volunteers    who worked for the Gujarat legal initiative programme. The invisibility of sexual abuse in official records and the Herculean efforts needed to bring it into the domain of law and legal mechanisms are the primary concerns of the publication. While the immediate context is the communal carnage unleashed upon Muslim women in Gujarat, the issues are not confined to Gujarat. They raise questions of state structures, Constitutional provisions and the civil society at large


Law and Gender Inequality: Politics of Women’s Rights in India

Flavia Agneslaw
Oxford University Press, Delhi, 1999
The book maps the issue of gender and law reform upon a broad canvas of history and politics, and explores strategies which could safeguard women’s rights within India’s sphere of complex social and political boundaries. The study stemmed directly from Flavia’s work and involvement with the legal history and practices located within the women’s movement, in general and within the Majlis, in specific.

ISBN 019565524-9


The Nation The State and Indian Identity

ntstateEds. Madhusree Dutta, Flavia Agnes and Neera Adarkar
Samya Publication, Kolkata, 1996 (out of print)
The book is a compilation of essays based on a seminar organized by Majlis in response to the Babri Masjid demolition followed by the nationwide violence against Muslim community in 1992-93. The essays delve into various social and political configurations that compose the prevalent identity politics in the subcontinent.
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ISBN 81-85604-09-6


My Story, Our Story… of Rebuilding Broken Lives

mystoryFlavia Agnes
Majlis Publication
First written in 1984 the book is an autobiographical narrative of domestic violence. The book is widely circulated all over the world and translated in Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi and Kannada.