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Memories of Fear [1997]

57 minutes | Format: 16 mm

Four parallel narratives trace the path of growing up of girl children of various age groups. The film deals with the shattering of their dreams, the construction of their desires, the growing alienation from their bodies and the formation of fear. The experiential narratives are juxtaposed with interviews of older women who have gone through violent marriages and are able to trace the connection between the construction of feminity and marital violence.

Memories of Fear explores the interplay between sexuality, construction of fear, and women’s own contribution to the system that continues to denigrate them.

Awarded National Award for best film on social issues, 1996

Script & Direction: Madhusree Dutta
Camera: K U Mohanan
Editing: Sujata Narula
Recordist: Hari Pillai
Music: D Wood, Vikram Joglekar