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Kya Aapko Pata Hai (Do you Know) [1997]

15 minutes | Format: Betacam
Language: Hindi

Kya Apko Pata Hai is a series of 5 spots on legal rights of women. Shot in the form of comic strips, each spot has a narrative of women learning about the rights granted to them under law and customs through two fantasy characters, Rangli and Sangli.

The topics covered are:
i) The right to equal and minimum wages
ii) Legal protection regarding arrest of women
iii) Muslim women’s right to `Mehr’
iv) Inheritance rights of Hindu women
v) Married women’s right to matrimonial home.

Awarded RAPA Award for Best Public Service Advertisement, 1998.

Direction: Madhusree Dutta
Script: Sutapa Sikdar
Camera: K.U.Mohanan
Sound: P.M.Satheesh, P.Resul
Music: Shantanu Maitra
Editing: Rajesh Parmar, Reena Mohan
Art Direction: Mamta Murthy