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Videography as a primary form of information in India seems to have roughly coincided with the beginnings of sustained violence in the Kashmir Valley, roughly around 1990s. We have developed an eclectic collection that not only foregrounds different representations of Kashmir at the time of video but also includes traces of local productions and collections from within Kashmir which offer enabling insights into discourses on conflict, broadcast and multiple (sometimes competing) domains of public culture.

Our collection includes a large number of still photographs of various realities of Kashmir in the ’90s by independent photographers, copies of Kashmir Times since early ‘90s, rushes of Saeed Mirza’s renowned television series A Tryst with the People of India (1997), rushes from Pankaj Rishi Kumar’s Pather Chujaeri (2001), short films made for Doordarshan in the 90s, television news, mainstream and alternative films from both side of the borders, recordings of various public events, campaign material of civil society movements, works on Kashmir by various artists and other assorted cultural expressions.

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