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Education for Muslim girls: Darakht-E-Ilm

(Tree of Knowledge)

urban_edu_girlsThrough our involvement with Muslim women in the sphere of matrimonial rights we realised that one of the most important issues is to assist them in entering the mainstream. Education, followed by economic independence is the basic for rights assertion. Since 2001, Majlis has been involved with a community based educational programme in the Muslim settlement in Jogeswari.  The programme is structured on the principle of earner-learner, where older girls are involved with teaching the younger students and in the process are supported and persuaded to complete graduation and encouraged into skill development. Majlis’ support to the initiative ranges from providing financial assistance, providing resource material and mobilizing resource people.

In 2006 the students were provided basic training in video and helped in documenting their lives in two short films. However, the financial part of the support from Majlis has come to an end in the financial year 2008-09.