Neighbourhood Intervention BACK

Multi-layered Engagement with a Minority Settlement

As a sequel to demolition of Babri Masjid in December 1992, majoritarianism in India turned its attention to its own citizens. In an obvious case of guilt-ridden aggression, the right wing Hindutva forces launched physical and psychological attacks on the Muslim community. Behrampada, a Muslim majority slum in the Bandra East area was specially targeted with tales of notoriety. The fact that this slum is located in a high premium real estate area had obviously fuelled the wrath of the powerful.

Majlis’s office was then situated in the same neighbourhood. The blatant lies in the media stirred us into simple intervention. The simple interventions inevitably grew into counter campaign in media, negotiating in the police stations, participation in relief work, assisting and submitting evidence before the Srikrishna Commission enquiring into the Bombay riots, mobilising political good will and finally making a film I Live in Behrampada.

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