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Disseminating the Political

Godaam, literally means ‘storehouse’ in English. It attempts to ascribe new meanings to the vocabulary of collecting and cataloguing images and texts, one that is active with multiple nodes of interaction in the processes of collection, dissemination and production. Godaam collection  mainly deals with contemporary image production between 1996-2007.

The resources are mobilised and collected through various sources, both conventional such as film rushes and news footage and unconventional, unsuspected sources such as fire brigade footage, surveillance camera outputs and the likes. Material is also mobilized by initiating new projects with various niche groups, bringing in diverse perspectives to the collection. The collection is broadly categorized as City Images and Images from Conflict Zones.

We facilitate cultural study researchers, filmmakers, visual artists, activists and students to develop a reciprocal relationship with the archive. Most of Godaam collection can be viewed online at


Documenting and foregrounding the endangered memories of the cities in a metropolis.
Facilitating a space to re-read conflicts.