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7 Islands and a Metro [2006]

100 minutes | Format: DVCam
Language: Hindi/English/Urdu/Marathi/Bombaiya


The multilingual Bombay, the Bombay of intolerance, the Bombay of closed mills, of popular culture, sprawling slums and real estate onslaughts, the metropolis of numerous ghettos, the El Dorado. This film is a tale of the cities of Bom Bahia / Bombay / Mumbai, through a tapestry of fiction, cinema vérité, art objects, found footage, sound installation and literary texts.

The non-fiction feature film is structured around imaginary debates between Ismat Chugtai and Sadat Hasan Manto, the two legendary writers who lived in this metropolis, over the art of chronicling these multi-layered overlapping cities. Shot mainly during the monsoon the film portrays some extremely beautiful yet ruthlessly violent features of Bombay, which, generally, are not part of the popular narratives.

‘7 Islands and a Metro’ is the first non-fiction film to be commercially released in India.

Special Jury Award, Film South Asia ’07
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Script & Direction: Madhusree Dutta
Actors: Harish Khanna, Vibha Chibbar
Camera: Avijit Mukul Kishore
Editing: Reena Mohan, Shyamal Karmakar
Music: Arjun Sen