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Abir Bazaz, Delhi/Srinagar: Research and documentation on the writings of resistance: Kashmiri narratives in the 1990s. Literary project.

Abir Bazaz has been working on contemporary Kashmir for the last ten years in the capacity of researcher, filmmaker and activist. Under this project he has collated, chronicled and analysed Kashmiri writing in post 1990’s. His area of work includes younger generation of writers who came of age only in the era of political turbulence, changing structure of literary forms and various forms of memoirs.

Goutam Majumdar, Delhi: Research on use of lights in different cultures and its application in theatre. Performing art project.

A professional art and light designer, Goutom Majumdar embarked on an extensive study on the role of lighting and light designing in various cultural spaces within Indian communities.
He further aims to develop a manual on patterns of lights in the communal spaces and its use in the formal performing area. Based on the findings of this study he produced a light design oriented theatre production with a theatre group in Patna.

Production: BISARJAN by Ravindranath Tagore

Pankaj Rishi Kumar_2004-05_3Pankaj Rishi Kumar, Bombay:   Documentary film on women boxers in Mumbai and Delhi. Documentary film project

A video research project on the culture of women boxing  in India. He documented four women who represent four different aspects of the struggle against gender stereotype in the area of sports. Adjudged by this project the Jan Vrijman Fund of Netherlands has awarded him a further grant to complete the film.

Production: PUNCHES n PONYTAILS, 2007, Documentary film

Renee Colvom Lulam, Shilong: Compilation and translation of folk tales from the North East. Literary project

Rene Lulam has documented folk stories from various communities in a few districts of North Eastern states. Her approach was to collate the oral literature and history by documenting the ritual proceedings in various youth dormitories – where the youth receive instructions, knowledge, and legacy through stories and directives from the village elders.

Status: Ongoing

Tushar Joag, Bombay: Intervention in public spaces through art. Visual art project.

Tushar Joag_2004-05_5His work in the fellowship project falls under the category of public art and art for subversion. He had developed various art objects which are proposed devices for surviving in the city of Bombay. The objects are sharp sarcastic statements on the current development policy and an artistic take on people’s resilience.

Show: WILLING SUSPENSION, 2005, Gallery Chemould, Mumbai
Link: www.unicellpwc.org