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Pushpamala n_2002-03_1Pushpamala N, Bangalore: Artwork by using recipe books. Video art project

Recipe books are a combination of traditional wisdom, form of history writing, personal memory, chronicle of wild desires and a symbol of ordered, contained, domestic world. Pushpamala treats old recipes as found texts and found images.

Production: RASHTRIYA KHEER AND DESIY SALAD, 2001, Video Art
Show: Newark Museum –India, Public Spaces Private Spaces

Surabhi Sharma, Bangalore: Research and script for a film on Indian Postal System. Documentary project

Indian post offices: the largest postal system in the world, postman: the most adored and accessible of the public servants, postal stamps which bears the names of lost, forgotten or estranged destinations and a system which bears tale tell marks of the colonial past are some of the concerns this project aims to address.

Status: Incomplete

Vaidehi, Manipal: Play scripts on the lives of  Kamladevi Chattopadhyay  and Kusuma Saroba. Literary project.

Kamladevi, a freedom fighter, patron of traditional art and culture and a stalwart in the field of women’s education had led a very colourful life. Kusuma was one of the  pioneers in the health movement. The project aims to develop scripts on their lives in stylized narrative mode and produce them.

Status: Awaiting stage production.

Vidya Kamat_2002-03_4Vidya Kamat, Mumbai: Roadside shrines in Mumbai. Cultural study project

A photo-study of the urban public space and politics of religious shrines on the streets of Mumbai. Once a symbol of the multi-cultural character of the city, the shrines are often the power base of the neighbourhood mafia. Yet some of the shrines carry the water marks of the practices and the desires of the migrants and the displaceds

Status: Multiple journal articles and public lectures.

Vipin Vijay,Trivandrum: Audio-visual documentation for a film on physical culture in the backdrop of 7-a-side football mania. Film research project.

Seven-a-side football, an unauthorised sport in Kerala, is revered as a ritual. The filmmaker proposed to explore the symbolised aggression, territorial commitment, tradition of bonding and participatory supporters in the world of this crazed physical culture.

Status: Incomplete