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Ayisha_2000-01_1Ayisha Abraham: Series of short duration films using found footage on shot on obsolete format. Found Footage Project.

Under this project a large amount of film footage shot in super 8, 16 mm, 8mm cameras by amateur cinematographers in the period of 1940-1970 has been unearthed. These cans of celluloid bear the testimony of a forgotten visual culture and the emergence of the middle class in post-independence India. Ayisha converted the obsolete footage into digital format and categorised them in genres. She has also made some video pieces using the found footage.

Production: AMNESIA, found footage film, 2001

jairamJayant Rajaram Pawar, Mumbai:  Textile Industry Strike in Bombay, Literary project

The fellowship proposal was for writing a novel on the lives of the workers through the decline of the Bombay textile industry in the last decades of the 20th century. The mill workers, under the leadership of maverick Datta Samant, went into a prolonged strike in 1980 that eventually gave the mill owners an opportunity to shift the capital out and convert the land use into more lucrative service industry and commercial outlets.

Though the novel is not yet realized the research has gone into writing the script of the film City of Gold by Mahesh Manjrekar.

Status: Story and screenplay for City of Gold – Mumbai 1982, 2010

Meghnath & Biju Topo, Ranchi:  Video inputs for the tribal organisation ‘Akhara’. Development project.

Akhara is a cultural centre involved in protecting and enhancing tribal cultural identity in Jharkhand. The fellows are involved in video activism in the region. Akhara’s films are one of the very few interventionist cultural initiatives made by the tribals themselves in whole of India.

Productions: I.Development Flows From Barrel of the Gun,Video film,2001
II..Documentation of a Chhau group on the verge of extinction

Nandita Bhavnani, Bombay: Study on the post-partition Sindhi community. Research project

The Sindhi community, mainly traders by profession, is one of the victims of the partition of India. The study features the Sindhis in India, Pakistan and Dubai and their notion of home and homeland, the role of property and class politics in partition-related events and the effect of large-scale migration on the culture and language of the community.

Status: Published Book. “The Making of Exile”, Nandita Bhavnani, Tranquebar Press, 2014

Narayanan A. V., Trichur:  Reviving and preparing production manual of the Kodiyattam play ‘Naganandam’. Theatre project.

Narayan_2000-01_5Narayanan, a filmmaker, is a member of the illustrious Chakyar family, the traditional Kudiyattam performers in Kerala. He revived the classic play Naganandam, which was last performed 45 years back, under the guidance of octogenarian guru Madhava Chakiyar. The rehearsal and the play has been video documented in detail and an abridged/edited version of the production is now being used as resource material for the dance academies and Kudiyattam centres.

Production: NAGANANDAM, Kudiyattam production, 2001