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narendra shrimali_1998-99_1Narendra Shrimali, Baroda: The evolution of Indian theatre and film music from 1900-1950. Music archive project.

A sound engineer by profession, this young collector of old theatre and film music commenced a massive documentation and compilation job during the fellowship period. The archival collection includes 7000 old music records, related literature in the form of scripts, opera books, music books, directories, press cuttings, publicity material etc. on Indian urban theatre of early 20-th century and early cinema. He has discovered a cylinder playing machine (one of the oldest play back machines) of 1903 model with lots of cylinder discs and a disc cutting machine while working on this project.

Publication: MUSIC OF THEATRE AND HINDI CINEMA: a Discographical Study with Particular Reference to the Theatre of Western India, 2001, Faculty of Performing Arts, M. S. University of Baroda.

sabitri_1998-99_2Sabitri Heisnam, Imphal: Laboratory for authentic expression in theatrical performance. Workshop oriented theatre project.

The eminent actress conducted an extensive theatre laboratory on technique of breathing and its influence on performance, with her theatre group Kalakshetra, Manipur. Through the year long workshops a performance piece, on the lives of Sita and Marilyn Monroe was evolved.

Production: DEATH OF TWO WOMEN, 2001; play by Kalakhestra, Manipur.

Shai Heredia & Shaina Anand, Bombay: A Book on the travel of a film unit through the length and breadth of India. Travelogue writing project.

Two young assistant directors traveled with a film unit for five months to shoot for a TV show. The TV programme was assigned to explore the real India on the eve of 50th anniversary of the independence. The fellows proposed to write two parallel first person narratives about their coping with the rough schedule of filmmaking, intra-personal relationship within a film unit, encountering the rural India, feeling of alienation and ethics of documentary filmmaking.

Status: Incomplete

CaptureShikha Jingan, Delhi: Research-documentation on the Mirasans and the wedding songs of Malwa, Punjab. Video research & production project.

While documenting the dying culture of community singing at weddings, in the context of increasing consumerism and homogenisation, Shikha also probed into the expression of women’s sexuality in oral culture.

Production: BORN TO SING, documentary film, 44 minutes, 2004

Rashmi_1998-99_5Rashmi Doraiswamy, Delhi: Changing narrative strategies in Hindi commercial cinema 1970-1995. Film study project.

A study on the evolution of Bollywood cinema in the later part of the century through its narrative structures.

Publication: GURU DUTT: Through Light and Shade; the legends of Indian cinema series, Wisdom tree, 2008